Saturday, July 31, 2010

Faerieworlds Pics

I just got back from Faerieworlds. It was not as busy as I wished; hadn't sold much yet, but hoping it picks up tonight when they have more entertainment and things cool off a bit. I did take some great pictures of costumed fairies, which were in abundance.
It was Bad Fairy Day today and this one was especially bad tempered. When I asked if I could take her picture, she snarled at me like a wild animal. I didn't know if that meant yes or no, so I took the picture, assuming that if it meant no, she would simply chew my arm off and call it even, Luckily, no arm chewing.

This fairy was a good fairy and actually thanked me for taking her picture. Nice manners are always indicative of good fairies.

This leather vendor had a definite Steam Punk vibe going on.

After I showed these ladies their picture in my little viewfinder, the one on the right said "I didn't realize I looked so scary!"

Loved this gent's clever costume, but his troll was grumbling mightily.
Everything that is left after Faerieworlds will go to the Gallery and onto Etsy. No more fairs this year.

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