Friday, May 25, 2012

Release the Kracken!

I'm still working on Barrettes. But now I'm making another kind to suit the discriminating tastes of long hair everywhere.
I made my last batch of barrettes using a base that looked like this:
But many would-be customers complained that they wouldn't stay in their hair and asked if I had any of the other types of barrettes. So off I went to the hair supply store to buy differant barrettes. And this is what I found:

I was hoping that they would have differant names, so I could distinguish them, but the word "barrette" didn't even appear on either package. One simply said "Effortless Beauty" and the other was labeled, "No - Slip Grip".
So my "No - Slip Grip" Barrettes are pictured below and my "Effortless Beauty" Barrettes may be seen on the prior blog post.

I call this an octopus, but my son said it looked like the Kracken from "Last of the Titans".

This is one of my favorite colors of green and I wish I had long hair so I could keep it.  I'm working on a blue barrette now. Hoping to have it ready for Saturday Market tomorrow.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


In my pursuit of beady goodness, I have decided to make barrettes!

I thought of this when several customers asked if my Winged Hearts were pins or barrettes. And some seemed disappointed that they were pins.

So I whipped up six or so and shuffled them off to Market where I sold one immediately.

Most were Winged Hearts, but not all, as you can see from this sweet little purple item.

I used to have very long hair, but never really wore barrettes, so you can imagine my perplexion when one lady said, "Oh, those aren't the type of barrettes I use". I hadn't paid close enough attention to the differant types in the store, so I asked her what type she used and off I went to the hair care supplier to buy some differant types of barrettes. So now I am beading away again and by Market this week-end, will have barrettes of several differant ilks for the discriminating customer. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012


I had a very good day at Market last week and sold almost all of my Winged Hearts. So I've been busy making more. Here's a sample.

I haven't put any of them in my shop, but would be happy to sell them if any of you are interested. They are $20 each with free shipping.