Sunday, August 1, 2010

Generous Jen and a Holly Bride

Yesterday I recieved a magical package in the mail. Jen Velasquez at Jen Judd Rocks had a give-away at her blog and although I wasn't picked by her random gizmo, I think she had pity on my because her give-away beads were green and I am ADDICTED to green. So she put together a packet of beads for me too. When she left me a message saying she was sending me some beads, I thought "some" equalled 3 or 4. But when I opened the package, I was flabberghasted to find this fabulous stash!
There are felt beads and paper beads and glass special goodies and gemstone chips and agates and you-name-it - it's there. I'm so excited. Even my son, who is not moved by beads, was amazed and stood picking them up and looking at them individually. I have so many ideas of what I want to do with them, and I'll post the results here when I am finished. THANKS, JEN!

Also, a dear young friend, Holly, is getting married this month. I told her I would like to bead something for her for her wedding and her request made me heart-full. Her stepfather had died suddenly last year and she wanted him to be able to walk down the eisle with her, so she asked me if I would bead a brooch with his initial (J for John) so she could have it wired into her bouquet. So here is the final piece and it is now in her possession and ready for the wedding march.
Many blessings at your wedding, Holly. I'm sure John will be there with you.

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