Thursday, July 15, 2010

Alphabet Walk - W

So today I have the letter W on the Alphabet Walk. This has been a lot of fun and I've met some great new bloggers.

WITCHHAZEL at Village Green Resort, Oregon

THE WHITE GARDEN, Sissinghurst, Kent, England

WATER TOWER MURAL, Edgefield, Portland, Oregon

WATERLILIES, Kew, London, England

WATERING CANS, Great Dixter, Sussex, England

WINDMILL, Los Angeles, California

WATERFALL, Proxy Falls, Oregon


WINDOWS, New York City, New York

WEEPING WILLOW, Bloedel Reserve, Bainbridge Island, Washington


  1. hi, i found your blog from the beading link. the broach there is really lovely!

  2. Ah, I see three photos in this post from Oregon, USA, where I live. Witch hazel does not grow naturally here, but the hazelnut (aka filbert) is a similar sounding plant that Oregon leads the nation in.

  3. Beautiful photos ... so serene. And I just realized I've never actually SEEN witchhazel! :)

  4. here from the alphabet walk! great job on your letter W! have a loveLee weekend!

  5. I lvoe kew, the water lilies are stunning! I love the variety.

  6. Thanks for visiting, everyone.
    Snowbrush, the witchhazel seen here is not a native to our area, it is a hybrid called "Fire Charm". It's a fabulous gaden plant with flowers in the very early spring (March) and great colored foliage in the fall.

  7. Wow, great shots, and I'm bemused to see I'm not the only one here going "huh, so that's what witch hazel looks like"!

  8. "wow"!! :) i feel like i just took a trip to these places, so lovely!! and i'm with that's what witchhazel looks like!!

  9. "Snowbrush, the witchhazel seen here is not a native to our area"

    Oh, my god, I didn't notice that you were from Eugene! I am too. I suppose the title of your blog might have given me a clue. My wife, Peggy, and I moved here in 1986. I was 37 and had spent my entire life in Mississippi before the move.

  10. My fave is the witchhazel...but, I have another word for you...Winner!!! I have a little something to send your way. :) Check out

    Happy Sunday!



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