Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Winner!

Well,  I couldn't quite figure out the random pick do-hickey, so I wrote everyone's name on a slip of paper and put all the slips in a lovely purple Fiesta Ware bowl and mixed them up and held it high over my head and picked one out and the winner is:
SABINE from Potato Says Hi.
I bopped over to her blog to tell her she had won and to ask her to send her address and found that she is an amazing 12 year-old who has her own blog (with FAB pictures of owls) and she sews and who knows what else. I was quite impressed that she's blogging at such a young age. So I'm hoping everyone will stop by her blog and say hello and tell her where you are from. I hope she can use the book, but I'm also sending her a beaded brooch because I'm so impressed with her enterprizing spirit.
Congratulations Sabine!
The next Give-Away is for this Beaded Celtic Knot Brooch.

Leave a comment anytime in the month of July and it could be yours. Clicking to follow my blog will earn you an extra entry.
Have a great July!


  1. Count me in! In fact, thank Nan over at Spirit Rattles--she's the reason I'm here! I'm also following you as of today! I really liked that you encourage our younger generation to blog with your last giveaway!

  2. hello! I am returning the compliment- thank you so much for just leaving a comment on my blog- i love your motto by the way, its true to how i feel too!

    .. and then to get here and find your beautiful brooch giveaway! I have that celtic symbol as a tattoo on my shoulder- its my favourite symbol! Please enter me in your giveaway draw, the brooch is wonderful! Ive bookmarked your blog to return for a proper read, right now I have hungry cats a-yowling for their breakfast!

    Leanne x

  3. What a gorgeous brooch! Thank you for the chance to win! Your work is just stunning!


  4. P.S. I'm also a follower! :-)



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