Friday, July 30, 2010

Spirited Earth Cabs

I feel like it's my birthday! I just got a nice little package in the mail from Nan Emmett at Spirited Earth. She sent me a wonderful assortment of clay cabs she had made me. I have coveted her beads for some time and asked her if she would make me some without the holes for my seed bead work, and voila! Here they are.
The bee is my favorite and I have some great beads to go with this yummy turquoise glaze.

I was so excited about receiving these that I started prepping them for bead work before I took "before" pictures. So here is this batch already glued to the ultra suede and ready for their trip to the bead store when it opens (in a few minutes) so I can pick out beads to match them.

I already started to bead this one - my favorite. I was concerned that the netting was too much and detracted from the intricacy of the cab. Still on the fence about it. I may rip out the outside row.
I'll post more pictures when I've finished messing with them.
Thanks, Nan!

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  1. thanks for posting..i will be interested to see how you work these up..
    the packet was already in the mail when you wrote that owls were one of your "animals"


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