Monday, March 28, 2011

Life with Mum and Dad

I haven't been beading much. My mum and dad are getting close to the ends of their time here on this earth and I've been spending as much time as possible with them. Mum had a bad turn a few weeks back and was in a wheelchair for a few days, but she's graduated to a walker now. My sister came from South Africa to spend some time with them, and that has lit a fire under their failing health and they have both brightened considerably.

Mum has terminal lung cancer and COPD and Dad has COPD and Diabetes. We have been asking them endlessly for old family stories and writing them down. My niece brought a digital recorder and recorded some of the stories. The whole family has been gathering - supporting, loving and comforting. I will miss them when they are gone, and I relish this time I have with them now.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Locks and Keys and a Monkey Too

I just finished six new brooches. I put 3 of them on my Etsy site this morning. Will add the other 3 tomorrow.
This is the first monkey I've ever done. I kinda like his cheekiness. I think he's trying to steal that lovely raku spiral bead that I got from Star Spirit Studio. And it looks like he also knicked a swarovski crystal with his tail!

I have a thing for keys. This one is surrounded with TINY little iridescent purple seed beads.

When my daughter was little, we flew to San Francisco and the flight attendant gave her a pair of little captain's wings. She wore them for weeks! This is my version. Ruby Zoisite center with brass verdi gris wings and wrapped up in my favorite blue-green seed beads. Yum.

You all know how I feel about pink (NOT my favorite color!) but many people love it, so in the spirit of offering something for everyone, I beaded up this cute little lock and key in precious pink.

...And here's another lock and key in blue.

...And one in Blood Red!

Here's a shot of my bead table this morning along with my beading muse, Arachne (cat), sleeping in her bed.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Hummingbirds and Hairpins

I wanted to do something different besides jewelry, and I had this snazzy little brass verdi gris column and some fabulous Czech Glass flowers and leaves, so I made a beaded picture. There is a sweet little copper hummingbird sipping nectar from the top flowers.

I also have a collection  of beaded hairpins that I listed in my Etsy shop today. I displayed them in a whimsical way on black card stock with leaves drawn on so they look like sunflowers. These orange ones are my favorites...

But I also like the lavender-pink and green combo ...

And the acid green pair too. These have fun millifiori beads for their centers.
I just got a shipment of fun trinkets from one of my favorite shops, so tomorrow is Beading Day.

My latest "helper" in my studio is goofy "Foos". He has decided that my home-made cardboard lightbox is way too much fun. First he shredded the tissue paper sides, and then he ripped out and shredded the white paper lining. I know I should have made him stop, but I so seldom see such unbridled joy, that I let him have his fun. So now I need to make another lightbox for photographing my beadwork and I need to keep it OFF THE FLOOR!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Raku, Crystals and Seed Beads

I gave myself permission this week to postpone all housekeeping and errands so I can get some beadwork done to restock my Etsy shop. I had just bought some wonderful raku pieces and was itching to bead them. So here are some of the new pieces.

This raku Geranium Leaf was made by Star Spirit Studio (on Etsy). I love her work.
I wrapped it in copper and blue beads and hung a copper heart from a blue Swaovski crystal in the center to give it a little movement.

This is one of my "Eleventh Hour" brooches. A bit Steampunk, and a bit dazzle. 

This one is called "Spirit Tree". The photo doesn't show it to it's true potential (my bad).

This one reminds me of a glitzy Flying Saucer. Ha!

Lovely raku Sea Turtle with beads of Russet, Bronze and Ivory.

I started this brooch months ago, but just finished it yesterday. 

Sun Disk and Acorns is another favorite. I love working with metallic beads.

This brooch is made of antique jewelry and watch parts. Bronzes and Golds.

All of these brooches are now in my Etsy Shop.


Congratulations to Jacinta from Jamberry Song for winning February's Give-Away!
So what's up to give away next? A little something from the sea...
Another sweet brooch made with one of Nan's cabs from Spirited Earth.
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