Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Be Afraid....BTW

I don't often do Bead Table Wednesdays because I'm not an organized person. But thought I would bare myself to your judgements today by showing you EXACTLY what my bead table usually looks like on Wednesdays and any other day of the week.

Here it is. I didn't move a thing, try to tidy up or even spray air freshener. It is pure chaos, but that's what gets my creative juices flowing. Notice my little feline muse (Arachne) sleeping in the corner of Grandma's table.

These are some pieces I'm working on just now. The Butterfly will be a necklace, The watch with wings will be a brooch, and the Queen Bee surrounded by flowers is the centerpiece for a "Celebration of the Bees" necklace that I'm making for my friend Jana who is a beekeeper and friend to the little sisters in our gardens.

This purple piece is a work in progress. Not sure yet if it will be a pendant brooch, or a necklace. The fairy will be the centerpiece for a very dainty necklace. The armadillo is just there to keep me company.

Oops! Looks like the flash and click of the camera awoke our little Princess. She is NOT amused.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Winner and Some Beadies

Congratulations to WOL at the Owl Underground for winning the April Give-Away Brooch (pictured below). I especially like this little brooch and have one similar that I wear when I meet friends for coffee.

Sooooo....What shall I give away for May? Let me rummage around here in the secret Beady Chest for a moment.....Aha! Here's something I hope you will all like.
This little Kokopeli is adorned with beads in coral and russett with a matte black and white checkerboard around it. This is what's up for grabs in the month of May. So leave a comment and follow this blog to be in the running for it.

I participated in a Spring Jewelry Show last week-end (3 days) and took my beading with me to pass the time between customers and to show people how I create these little morsels. I had been beading non-stop for the show and got a number of pieces made during the show as well, so I'm pretty flush with brooches. I'm loading some on my Etsy shop and taking some to the gallery and the shops where I sell.
Here are some that I still have locally.
This one is made from one of Nan Emmett's fab cabs.

The keys and my Sugar Skulls are my best sellers.

This one is made from a vintage button and some yummy bright olive beads.

I have a thing for owls.

I love the colors in this Sugar Skull. I sell a lot of these and get many comments. People either love them or hate them.

 If you want to see more, visit my shop HERE.