Thursday, July 22, 2010

What's In The Trunk?

I promised  some pictures of what I've been working on for the Faerieworlds Festival. So here are some of them. I've been concentrating on Brooches, but tomorrow is my last day for that and then I switch to building up my stock of necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

I made a number of Steampunk pieces since a lot of this crowd will be younger.

I have considered keeping this piece. I LOVE the bird claw which I got from The Mermaid's Dowry on Etsy (Check her out, she has AMAZING stampings).

And what Faerieworlds Festival would be complete without a Faerie or two?

Butterflies and Crystals fit well with this theme.

I love the whole "Running against Time" theme.

I made this with watch parts from one of my Mother-in-law's old watches. Thanks, Mimi!


  1. Loving the fairy and the hare ones, but I have to confess that at 47, I'm also rather partial to steam punk too!


  2. I absolutely love these! THey are so cool, I'd wear any of them!

  3. These are just beautiful. They're so fun to look at.

  4. i love, love all these..the rabbit is very cool, beautiful work

  5. look at all the gorgeous detail!

  6. Hi Cenya,
    These are beautiful! Perfect for the festival -
    Have fun :)

  7. So interesting, beautiful work.
    Thank you for your lovely comment, glad you like my drawings. milly


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