Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Imagine Gallery Beadwork

I showed you some of the beautiful glass paintings that my friend Tym did recently and I've finished the beadwork around the last of them.

I love the crab (I'm a Cancer). I hung this sweet little starfish and some orange beads for accent.

I like the frog much more now that he has a beaded frame.

This one reminds me of Italy.

The dragonfly is a delicate necklace now.

I love the grapes. I was originally going to make it a brooch, but it was too heavy.
So now it is a necklace for those wine tasting tours.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


My friend Tym owns a local gallery and I sell some of my bead work there. Last time I was in there, she showed me these beautiful glass paintings she did and asked if I'd like to make them into jewelry. So I'm beading her little vignettes and having a grand time doing it.
Here are some of the glass paintings Tym has made.

And here's a couple more that I have started to work on.

And here are two that I've finished the bead work on. The Seahorse is a brooch and the City Scene is a pendant that I will make into a necklace. These will be for sale in her Gallery - Imagine Gallery in Eugene. If you are interested in any of them, drop a line through my profile and I'll forward your inquiry to her. Check out the photos on the gallery facebook page here.

Going back to a previous blog where I showed you the baby caps I was knitting for charity....I have now made 30 of them and continue knitting one or two each evening. It's very cathartic and makes me feel a little productive while I watch the tube.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Winner...

Congratulations to Gaby Bee for winning December's Give-Away, The Dragonfly Brooch, above. Gaby is the author of the blog, Colorful Adventures and a new friend from Germany. The brooch is winging it's way to her now and a new Give-Away is up for grabs for January.

I'm a cat lover (I have 9 of them!) and I fell in love with Nan Emmett's cat cab from her Etsy Shop, Spirited Earth. So here is a kitty I'd like to share with some lucky cat lover. The brooch is medium-large sized, perfect for a coat, shawl or handbag or pinned to hold back a light curtain.
All you have to do is add your name to my follower's list in the sidebar and leave a comment anytime in the month of January.
And as a gentle reminder for all my friends in the north, please remember to give any outdoor cats (even the wild, feral ones) thawed water and extra food during the freezing cold days and nights of winter. The animal gods will bless you.
I've been busy knitting and beading. I finished a necklace that was a collaborative piece between Nan and myself for our mutual friend, Jana in Kaui. Here it is below.

Jana is an outrageous artist herself. She sculpts beautiful forms in clay, with her inspirations coming from the nature around her. Here is a recent scupture she created.

You can see some of Jana's clay plaques at Banana Patch Studio,  here.