Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Faerieworlds This Week-End

Well, I've been beading my fingers to the bone and have come up with close to enough jewelry for Faerieworlds. So here are a few photos of what I'll be taking, all carded and priced and ready to go!
I have 54 Brooches made and might make a few more before this week-end.

They have the days divided up into "Good Fairy Day" (Friday) and "Bad Fairy Day" (Saturday) and I guess Sunday is a free for all - doesn't matter if you're good or bad.

This looks grey on my monitor, but it is actually a deep grass green. She reminds me of the Absinthe Fairy on Moulin Rouge.

Hopefully some good fairy buys this sweet little butterfly. A bad fairy might pull her wings off.

These are some of the bracelets that I'm taking. Still have about 20 more to make .
I also have Necklaces, Hair Clips and Beaded Earrings. Shalyhn has made some long Feather Earrings
I'll only be at the festival one day (Bad Fairy Day), but my jewelry will be there all 3 days. We have a marvelous booth very near the main stage, so we can listen to the wonderful music all day (and night - it goes to midnight). Since I'm there on Bad Fairy Day, I'll be on the watch for Kleptofairies. I hope they don't come around because I'd hate to have to turn them over to the Karma Kops.


  1. these are all stunning..
    good luck this weekend..

  2. Excellent pins! I hope you had a great time.


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