Monday, August 16, 2010

A Hippocampus And Some Soutache

This beautiful Hippocampus (mythical creature - half horse, half fish) arrived a few days ago from Arlene at
ArzieHodge on Etsy. I have been fascinated with these creatures for years and get quite excited when I find one. This one is beaded beautifully.

These are 2 Hippocampus's (Hippocampi?) that I found at Lotusland in Santa Barbara, California.

I have also been learning how to do Soutache Bead Embroidery. Soutache is a double channel trim used for decorating clothes and upholstery.
These are my first two attempts. I  bought some soutache in differant colors and I'm working on one with burgundy and green colors. Will post it when I'm done.
And this is a brooch I just listed in my Etsy shop. I love doing to key holes and keys. This one has a sodalite bead in the center.


  1. hippocampus..very cool
    the new beading is beautiful

  2. What is it about old keys that's just so scrummy? Loving the brooch Cenya and the hippothingamebobs are rather lovely too!

    Kate :-)

  3. Wow! I love your new work, especially the key. I will have to look out for Hippocampus, I have seen them here in England on pottery.
    Have a nice day! It is raining here in England.

  4. beautiful as always! great work... i have to show dom the hippocampus - he'll be so fascinated. xo, carla

  5. Followed you here from Jackie Morris' blog -- Re your lack of short term memory -- maybe you should get an iPhone -- I'm sure there's an app for that - Of course, if you're like me, you'd forget where you put the phone! LOL! Love the Beaded Bee thing.


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