Thursday, August 5, 2010

More Before and After from Spirited Earth and Give-Away

I promised you more pictures of what I did with the cabs I recieved from Spirited Earth, so here they are:

I love the bee cab, but I have to confess, I liked the olive matte one more than this one. But I liked this one much better once I got it surrounded with black matte beads and irridescent ceylon green beads.

The angel is a sweety. I wrapped her up in Mermaid colors and hung a few Swarovski crystals and a vintage bead off the bottom. Yummy. This brooch will be my Give-Away this month!

I love the horse and wanted to do something special with it, so I made it into a necklace. I wrapped it in bone matte and irridescent ceylon beads then hung strings of stone chips (from Jenn Judd Rocks) and seed beads from the bottom. The chain is accented with wrapped smokey quartz and more stone chips. I made the clasp myself to match the necklace. This one isn't for sale, it's going back to Nan at Spirited Earth.


  1. All the pieces are gorgeous!! Would love to have the brooch you're giving up....

  2. they are all beautiful! i'm sure nan would be thrilled with what you did. hope you are well, carla.

  3. Just beautiful. I love the horse necklace and I do fancy that lovely brooch! x

  4. I love the Bee cab and the combination of black and turquoise. Great designs on all!!

  5. Pretty!!! I hope you have a wonderful time with all the green. :)

  6. Cenya- just popping in to say my beautiful brooch arrived safely today, i cant say how much i love it, and I will treasure it always.And when i wear it in my beloved countryside, i hope that somehow your soul knows, and is content to walk here with me..

    blessings Leanne x


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