Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sweet Little Bits and Pieces

I remember a day long, long ago when I was sitting at my Grandmother's table (the same table I am writing from right now) going through my cigar box full of odds and ends that I had collected. Grandma looked over my shoulder and said "What sweet little bits and pieces".
I have been collecting sweet little bits and pieces for my whole life. And I have found a new outlet that I use for making my beaded jewelry. It's FILLED with SLBAP's.
Check out Dime Store Emporium ( ). The verdigris centerpiece in the necklace above is from this great shop.
The silver componants from the "Dreaded Pink" brooch came from there also. Wish I had used these with a color other than pink (I hate pink). They would have been fabulous if I had done it all in green.

The mask from my "Masquarade" pin and the wings and key from "Little Wings" all came from the Dimestore Emporium.

More SLBAP's to bead with.
If you like their store, check out their blog here.

Happy Creating!


  1. beautiful bead work- amazing!!
    my link isnt working- for felt and crafts
    you will see her shop there too

  2. So much detail and work! Love the pieces and the colors.

  3. Hi Cenya,
    Very stunning bead work. Your jewellery is truly beautiful. Good to see you again.:)
    Best Wishes.

    P.S. I love Zigsa's spotty tummy as well!;)

  4. What beautiful beadwork, I am so glad you stopped by my blog because now I have found yours!

  5. Your bead work is to die for! Love especially the third one! Gaby xo

  6. Where would we be without the odds and ends? Your work really puts them to good use - even the pink one! I really like that color combo, I wouldn't change a thing!


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