Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Multi-Dimensional Me

You all thought that I only did beadwork, didn't you! But I actually do a lot of differant art. Here's a page from one of my altered books. If you turn the dial at the bottom, it shows 4 differant pictures of the seasons in the little window.
I also dabble in Photography. This is a photo of a headstone I took at Stourhead in England. Looks like a tapestry, doesn't it.

And I'm also a Garden Designer. Here's a before and after shot of the Courtyard at The Village Green Resort where I worked for 9 years designing gardens.
I've also done Stained Glass professionally, painted in watercolors and dabbled in pottery. I like to think that I am a Sampler in life. I try everything and I stay with the few that I really love.
I have many artist friends who inspire me and I plan to put some of their art on this blog as soon as I can get pictures of it. Are you an artist? Please send me a picture of what you create and I'll post it to inspire other artists.


  1. hi cenya, thanks for dropping by... i love your work, it's so intricate - what a wonderful artist you are... i am one of your followers now, i can't wait to see more of your work in the future!

    xo, carla

  2. Hi there!
    Looks like we're both quite new bloggers...
    Thankyou so much for visiting my blog and for giving me a link too!
    Your beadwork is beautiful, I've not seen anything like it and I'll really enjoy coming to see what you've been making!
    Best wishes
    Carrie... (Windsongs & Wordhoards)

  3. You are just full of surprises. Happy ones too.

  4. Multi talented! What a neat idea to do the rotating window. Love the headstone pic and all it's detail.

  5. Hello! Thank you for visiting and becoming a watcher of my blog. I'm loving the serendipityness of making new friends in this manner and am amazed at some of the discoveries I'm making in the process. So very many talented people out there!

    Loved your blog so I'm really looking forward to learning more in the future - you're beadwork is stunning!

    Kate (Kit and Kaboodle)

  6. WOWWWW!
    garden designer?!?!?!?!
    that is sooo awesome.
    love the pictures! love your blog.


  7. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have 10 cats. We had 4 and then we found a pregnant cat outside - she had 5 babies. 6 cats in one shot! :)

    Your work is beautiful. Funny, I just made a wheel that turns in my journal too!


  8. Love your work. I'm one of your followers now!


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