Saturday, February 12, 2011

More beadwork and a Helper

I finished a few more brooches today. I've loaded them all on Etsy for now, but will take a few off later next week to restock one of my local stores who sells them. I like this little Cuppa brooch.

This is another favorite. I love labyrinths. This one is a replica of Chartres Cathedral's labyrinth.

A perfect little Spring Bee reminds us that Winter will not last forever.

And this pink Lock and Key Pendant Brooch is just waiting to unlock your keen fashion sense.

This is Arachne (on an infrequent outdoor foray) who sits on my bead table and offers her critiques.


  1. I have some helpers like yours. One of them was helping me type by curling up in my lap -- until the neighbors started thumping and bumping, and everyone had to go run to the window to see what was going on. . .

    Love the Chartres maze one -- I wish I had a real, laid out very large on the ground maze to walk. They are such wonderful, meditative things.

  2. Arachne is really beautiful:o)
    I love pink Lock and Key Pendant Brooch!

  3. What lovely work, I especially like the labyrinth. I was just reading about labyrinths this morning. You probably know there is one in St Johns church yard here in Glastonbury, which you can walk. Apparently, you think of your question as you walk into the centre and as you walk out, the answer will come to you.

  4. I really like both the cuppa---being a coffee-holic myself. I adore the labyrinth because of its air of magic and mystery. And the bee--oh that makes me swoon for spring! Congratulations on all your wonderful works of art!

  5. Your post about your grandmother was beautiful. Thanks for sharing that with me. :) Your brooches are simply gorgeous; I went to your etsy page and had a bit of a drool over them. Especially that maze one. Oh, it makes me long for spring and the ease of mind that it brings with it! There's such a soft, gentle quality to your work that I can't put my finger on... It's all so nicely balanced.

    And got to love kitties. ^__^ You've got a cute one, there! Arachne seems like a perfect name for her.

  6. I LOVE the tea cup. Anything I've done and tagged or named "tea" sells for some reason. I'll be the same happens for you!

  7. I just wanted to say THANK YOU For stopping by my blog and the Bead Soup Party! I appreciate your comments! And I needed to see your wonderful helper again! LOL I have "helpers" but I'm not sure if they are actually helping me or entertaining themselves!


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