Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Busy Bee

I've been busy at my bead table, working up the cabs I got from Nan. I LOVE bees. This one reminds me of the fat Queen Bumble bees that come out in the spring and fly lazily along like little B-52's.

And it won't be long efore the butterflies are here too.

This one called "Printemps" (Spring) has a little Sterling Silver honeybee.

Just in time for Valentine's Day - The Winged Heart.

And a Buffalo head for all the Buffalo Girls out there.

And finally, a little Sand Dollar and Sea Horse for all of the Mermaids.

Buidhe, my crazy-eyed cat, kept me company while I photographed the new brooches. His purr sounds like rusty machinery. We call him our Steampunk cat.


  1. The Printemps brooch is wonderful Cenya as is Buidhe, I love the sound of a steampunk cat!

  2. Cute kitty! Yeah, I know that rusty machinery sound. Cat owner myself.
    Bumblebees are so beautiful and I love to see them in summer. I even try to touch them when they sit in a flower, as their "fur" is so soft. Beautiful work like always!

  3. I like the buffalo best, no, the winged heart, no, the bee, no. . . .LOL! My sweet Jett had a very loud and sonorous purr. He used to sleep by my pillow. I'd reach for him in the night and nestle my hand in his fur, and he would purr -- it would rumble around and echo in the bedsprings of the mattress and I could hear it even through the pillow-- such a comforting sound. He went on ahead two years ago. I still miss him.

  4. Thanks everyone for your kind comments.
    WOL - Sorry to hear about your kitty. I worry about Buidhe too, he's getting old.
    Roberta - yeah - Aren't they the BEST! I get them from Nan Emmett on Etsy (Spirited Earth).

  5. I have a couple of older cats who are getting old...*sighs* But I must ask--do you ever sell these beautiful works of art as beads?!?!?! I received my beautiful brooch today and am fascinated with every detail--making earrings to match it! Thank you again!

  6. Hi Emerald Window! I'm not sure where to leave my comment for the brooch contest it is! :P Your artwork is absolutely beautiful. It looks like it takes a level of patience that I haven't quite mastered yet. :)

    Oh! Also, I follow your blog. :)


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