Saturday, December 18, 2010

Valentines at Christmas

I always hate it when the stores start putting up their Christmas decorations in October. It just seems to rush everything. BUT if you are creating something to sell during a holiday, you need to start early if you are going to have enough product. That said, I was THRILLED to find in my postbox today a Valentine's inspiration package from Cindy Caraway. She does a monthly give-away on her blog and I had won. After tearing off the outer wrappings, I found this creatively wrapped parcel.
It just screams "Promises of good things!" I pulled back the tissue to reveal a dainty little tin box. Inside was this:

Ribbons and wrappings and beads and lace and cherubs and hearts and pearls and bows and flowers. I was SO excited. I'm already musing about what to make with them. And to show you that I'm serious about getting an early start on Valentine's Day, here are some brooches I have already made.

Four down, many to go yet.
So THANK YOU Cindy for the fabulous gift of inspiration. Please check out Cindy's blog, Artful Living on the Bluff, and leave a comment and you too may win something delightful and inspiring.


  1. They are beautiful, well done you.I especially like the top right hand corner. I'm sure these will be snapped up.

  2. great head start- i just got some supplies today to get going too!

  3. What a lovely parcel of goodies! And I have to say the biggest thank you to you for my gorgeous things.They arrived yesterday an it was such a surprise! The decoration is on my tree and the glitter hare is fab! I have a bit of an obsession about hares...I love to paint them and my husband even has a tattoo of one. I'm really thrilled and you are a

  4. These are lovely! Good for you, staying ahead!

  5. Wanted to send along some wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Gaby xo

  6. Hi Cenya! I'm so glad you liked your little collection of goodies :) It made my day to read your post.
    I hope your holidays are merry and bright!

  7. Beautiful stuff! I don't even want to think about Valentine's Day, yet. XD Do you have any thoughts on what you're going to make with these things, yet? Sometimes the brainstorming is the most fun part!

  8. I don't have any idea yet what I'm going to make with these goodies. I will just spread them out on the table with a few other beads and create.


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