Friday, December 17, 2010

Secret Santa

I haven't had a Secret Santa since I was in grade school. In the 4th grade, a boy drew my name (A boy!). I was horrified to think of what I might receive from him. But on the day of the Christmas party, I was more than pleasantly surprised. He had found a cigar box and filled it with all kinds of little treasures. A folding fan with a painting of a bird on it, paper umbrellas, marbles, a pocket mirror with little jewels on it and assorted other little trinkets that I can't remember now. It was one of my favorite gifts of all time. I felt like I was opening a small treasure chest.
Well, now, 40 some years later, I have another Secret Santa. I entered to be on the Secret Santa list at Lillyella's blog. She sent me the name of my gift recipient and I set to work making a beaded brooch for her. I put it in the mail to her last week. And then I forgot about Secret Santas until yesterday when my husband brought in the mail with a package for ME. I didn't recognize the name on the return address and when I opened it and read the accompanying card, I was still in the dark. Had someone sent me a random gift? In the package was a FABULOUS hand-folded envelope.
Intrigued, I opened the clever little beaded latch and tipped it over.

Out spilled a BEAUTIFUL bracelet made of dark olive pearls, olivine crystals and lovely carved, dark green stones.

The clasp was silver and quite elegant. I was still in a quandary as to why this person had sent me such an incredible gift when my husband said "Could it be from YOUR Secret Santa?" Of course! That was it. I realized with a little guilt that I should have waited until Christmas to open it, but I'm notoriously impatient and would have never made it that long anyway.

Here's a close-up of one end of the bracelet showing the carved beads, the pearls, crystals and Sterling
So I want to say a HUGE Thank You to Shannon from For My Sweet Daughter. This gift ranks right up there with the 4th grade gift and you have been a very good Santa.
Shannon also has an etsy shop HERE. and a blog HERE. Please visit.


  1. I am so glad that you got your gift already. I can never wait either!
    I did some research when I got your name because you an I have never met so I found you on etsy and looked at your favorite things then checked out your blog. Hmmm, I thought hates anything from China now what?!
    The greens reminded me of the color of your blog and the stones made me think of some of your pieces.
    I am thrilled you liked it and that you were surprised.
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Holiday!

  2. Oh how lovely! you deserve it. I'm off to meet Shannon now :-D

  3. That's just the best thing I've heard recently, having a secret Santa. It sounds like the young boy that was your first secret Santa was a thoughtful young fella. What a wonderful second secret Santa gift the bracelet is, it's beautiful.

    It would be great if I won the Dragonfly pin. It would be hard to give it up, but I would gift it to a wonderful friend of mine who has about 200 dragonfly items in her home and wears all dragonfly jewellery especially. She is obsessed with dragonflys and would get great joy from your pin. Have a wonderful holiday season.
    Best wishes, Judy

  4. Who was that boy?? Someone somewhere (hopefully) has found him and made him theirs!
    The Secret Santa gift looks lovely :)
    Happy Holidays!

  5. Shannon, I knew I'd rerret that remark about China. Ha. I have nothing against the Chinese, I just dislike anything that is mass produced. I cringe if I have to walk into a mall. And I like to buy as locally as possible, with the exception of buying from wonderful handcrafters all over the world.

  6. What a lovely bracelet! You have been so kind and generous all year long, you deserve something special like this. Best wishes and Happy Holidays to you and yours

  7. Haha I knew exactly what you meant when you wrote that and I couldn't agree more. I am trying to buy more handmade items for gifts and to be used in my own crafting.

  8. My secret santa was BRILLIANT but I'm trying to track down her blog before I post!!!


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