Friday, November 19, 2010

Wings and Ears

I've been doing some fun projects these last couple of days. My friend Jillian sent me some wonderful beads along with a shard of a porcelain doll's head with the ear still on it. I knew she had some quirky finds and had told her to send me something I could bead for her. I got the ear  and decided to glam it up a bit. Maybe a porcelain doll that Cleopatra would have played with....
So here is her finished brooch. If she keeps sending me doll shards, we may be able to piece together a little Frankenstein's monster.

I also got some fabulous raku wings and Lentil beads (and an awesome face) from a great shop on Etsy called Wondrous Strange. Here's one of the wings I beaded as a brooch.
Tonight I'm going to the Art for Animals Auction to bid on some wonderful art. All proceeds benefit our local animal shelter.


  1. They are gorgeous,but I'm partial to the ear!! Have a great time at the auction and buy yourself somethin' special....
    love ya

  2. Really love the wing and I can't wait to see the face, is it raku as well?

  3. I love the wing especially. I look forward to seeing what you buy in aid of the shelter, what a good idea.

  4. Using shards- way cool!Thanks for visiting and liking my blog! Aryd'ell

  5. Thanks so much for your comment on my
    blog about Mother/daughter visits. I really like your work -- especially the doll's ear brooch



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