Monday, November 22, 2010

Green Man and Hair Jewelry

Autumn makes me change my color palette a bit. A week or so ago I got a great package of raku cabs and beads from Wondrous Strange. As a little bonus, she sent me this wonderful green face. I've always loved that verdi gris green with copper, so I thought I'd make an Autumn Green Man. The leaves are all a coppery gold color and the background is worked in green and copper seed beads. I thought it needed some type of little satellite, so I added a couple of bronze leaves on a chain. The beaded leaf is kept in place by a lapel pin on it's back.

A while back, I bought a "Helping Hand" pendant from Nan at Spirited Earth. Our last name means Green Oak in German and I give my husband an ornament every year for Christmas that is "Oak-ish" in some way. When I saw the acorn in the palm of this hand, I knew I had to give it to him. So I made a copper hook, added some beads and created this special ornament for him to hang on the tree this year.

And I had a request for largish hair barrettes, so spent last night creating this piece of Hair Jewelry. It measures about 3 and a half inches long by 1 and three quarters inches tall. The clip in back is adjustable so you can clip back just a little bit of hair or a whole lot.

And since I showed you my Hair Jewelry, now I'll show you my Hare Jewelry. I don't like pink, but I force myself to create items in that color because people like it and I can't totally refuse to carry pink bead work. But this pink was OK to work with (NEVER ask me to do Barbie Pink!) and I love the little Hare running against time.


  1. love all these..and the gift to your husband is wonderful

  2. Gorgeous, every one. How clever of you to use the hare and the clock face that way.

  3. I love the Green Man!! Fabulous piece! :)

  4. Those are all beautiful. And the ornament is so cool. We have a tradition here that each Christmas Eve, everyone gets to open one present, and it's an ornament.

  5. I always hated pink and refused to dress my daughter in pink. She went through a phase of wearing ONLY pink. Slowly, she worked pink into my wardrobe as well. I still mostly wear greens and reds (not together), but I have a pink baseball cap and one pink shirt that gets some wear.

    Ann - Sabine's mom

  6. Thanks for the comments. Ann - I always used to dress Bryn (my daughter) in vibrant blues, purples and greens because I hated pastels. So what does she wear now that she's an adult? Pink and white!


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