Saturday, November 13, 2010

Throwing a Little Vintage Into The Pot

Isn't she adorable? I was at an estate sale this week and I found this beautiful old photograph. The man behind the cash table said "She should have a home, why don't you take her home and make her part of your family". I agree, she needs a home, but since I have an over abundance of ancestors, I am offering her up to my Etsy customers. Do you need a sweet little girl in your family tree?
I've started offering vintage and antique items in my Etsy shop. I can't help it - I'm a sucker for anything old.
My favorite quote is "Anything old is sacred, anything new is suspect."
This old book is another find for my shop. It's a first edition copy of "Merry Hearts and Bold". The title itself is fabulous. I love the old illustrations and the stories teach lessons. Can't get that from a video game. The copyright is 1942.
I'm a sucker for anything beaded, but I really love old beaded purses. Scored this one at a vintage shop. Love the art deco design and the beads are teeny tiny.
This cinnabar bracelet is carved, not stamped like all of the new cinnabar is now.

This little dutch doll reminded me of one I used to have when I was a little girl (oh, so many years ago!)
I love digging through flea markets and garage sales looking for old treasure. So does my daughter, Bryn, which gives us a great Mother-Daughter activity to do together.


  1. I Recvd the Giveaway BEAUTIFUL Beaded pc you made today with the heart and is Beautifully done. Thank you I love it so much!!! Wow I am so Happy to of gotten it in the Post today! I will Blog about it! Big huggs. Your work is Incredible...xox

  2. What treasures! I can't wait to start adding my finishing touches, alas that's probably a year off yet! Yes I had a dutch doll, with wooden clogs :D

  3. wonderful finds! I have shelves of old books - they are my weakness.


  4. All of these finds are gorgeous! I particularly love the illustration on the book - so charming.

  5. I love that quote!! I have a veritable museum of "sacred objects" at my house, too. Great minds really do think alike - Yay!


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