Sunday, October 17, 2010

Under Lock and Key

I have always been fascinated by keys. They unlock such wonderful mysteries - Secret Gardens, pirate chests, big creaking doors...

So one of my favorte things to bead around are keyholes and keys.

There's just something special and mysterious about them.

Most of these are in my Etsy shop for sale.

This isn't anything involving a key, but wanted to show you anyway.
My neice, Katie just had a birthday and she wanted a necklace in autumn colors, so this is what I made her. I like it so much I'm going to have to make something similar for myself!


  1. these are all gorgeous..but that necklace is devine ..lucky neice..

  2. I love the key jewelry! And the autumn necklace is perfect :)

  3. I Love Keys, always have since I was little! These are the most beautiful Keys. Your niece is lucky to get a beautiful necklace!

  4. I'm always thrilled to come here and see your new pieces!! Your neice is most fortunate to have you for an aunt. Thanks for sharing such beauty

  5. As always...wonderful creations:)

  6. Your key jewelry is so unusual. I love how you incorporated the metal locks into the beadwork.

    And I agree - your niece is a lucky gal!


  7. They are so pretty and original! I would never have thought to be around a key....gorgeous!

  8. Your work is really very very Wonderful! Im so Impressed!!


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