Monday, October 11, 2010

Teddy Bear Benches and Sea Treasure

I never feel the urge to clean in the Spring, but it hits me quit hard in the Fall. So as I have been "destashing" my house, I have found a couple of interesting items that I listed on my Etsy shop. One of them is this adorable Teddy Bear Bench. I bought it 20 or so years ago and it was old then. I displayed it in the depot at the Village Green for years, but now I have it back and I'm ready to part with it permanently.  I put a coffee cup in the picture so you could see the scale.
I also found this nightgown that was my auntie's. She had it custom made for her in the 1960's and then never wore it.  All the cutwork embroidery was made on a home sewing machine - back in the days before sergers or computerized sewing machines.
It has a matching robe that goes with it. Size Small.

I've also been making and selling lots of beaded brooches. The Sugar Skull brooches have been popular for people getting ready for Halloween and Day of the Dead.
I recently got another stash of wonderful clay cabs from Nan at Spirited Earth. I posted earlier about the Chalk Horses, But now I have finished a couple more.

I've always been very fond of bees.

And I have never been known to turn down Sea Treasure.

So other than beading, I have been trying to get some last minute gardening done. My son is moving out of my studio and I'll be having Studio Sales in it during December, so the path to it needs to look nice.
I'm a little stressed about doing the studio sales. Haven't done this in a very long time. I always have the nightmare that I'm going to throw a party and no one shows up. It's right up there with the nightmare where I'm naked at school and I can't find my locker.


  1. i love these..the sand dollar with the little additions is especially charming.

  2. Oh I love both of those, the bee and the sea treasure, you really do have the most wonderful ideas for your creations.

  3. Oh sweetie,don't worry,I'm sure your Studio Sale will prove to be quite successful!! These new pieces are gorgeous(as usual of course!)
    Hang in there

  4. Oh, I love bees too little miracles.

    I love the book i won in your giveaway! What a treasure chest of information. Thank you SO much :D

  5. Very nice! I love the nature theme of both pieces.


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