Saturday, June 12, 2010

We Grow Too Soon Old, And Too Late Smart

My grandmother used to have a tape dispenser sitting on her kitchen shelf - bright orange and tole painted in the classic Pennsylvania Dutch style (wish I had that now). On the side of it, in ornate lettering, it said "We Grow Too Soon Old, And Too Late Smart". true.
This morning my Sweety and I decided to tame the Bewilderness (backyard). So armed with a whip and a chair and a few sticks of TNT (mower, weed-eater and loppers) we set out on the offensive. I geared up the strimmer while he grunted and shouted and showed his muscles to some huge pieces of wood left when we had a tree taken out last winter. I watched, quite impressed, as he took a splitting maul and gave it go. After two swings, which ended with a dull "thunk" sound, his eyes were popping and I could hear his brain reverberating off his skull.
I, meanwhile, made pretty good headway with the weed-eater and the loppers.  By the time I was finished (actually I was finished - the yard, alas, had a long way to go), I was shaking and weak.
Sweety, meanwhile, had fired up the lawn mower and mowed down the scrawniest of the 3' tall weeds that comprise the (ahem)  "lawn".
We paused for a break and, looking at each other decided our best plan of action was a "Free Firewood - You Haul" sign and a couple of strong kids in need of spending money.
So here I sit, showered, hydrated, and much wiser, dreaming up designs to create at my bead table. Sweety is pouring himself a tall, cool something and the Bewilderness is roaring it's triumph.


  1. I like that - 'the bewilderness roaring its triumph!'
    I've told myself my weeds just compliment the lovely wild flower hay meadow behind our house, and let the field creep into the garden!

  2. I wouldn't mind a wildflower meadow and a field creeping in. Unfortunately, we have the dreaded Himalayan blackberries that can grow a foot a day in rainy weather and get up to 10 feet tall! I kid you not. Some of the canes are bigger around than my thumb. They ramble and attach themselves in the trees. Quite tasty, but a pain in the rear. They can bury my entire yard in a year.

  3. Lovely post! I have started to call weeds wildflowers and try to let them get on with it until they grow teeth and take over!

  4. Yes, Well some of those blackberries definately felt like they had teeth.


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