Saturday, June 5, 2010

Inspiration From The Forest

People have asked me why the name of my business is "Emerald Window"? In short, it's because I love the forest and I get much of my inspiration from it,even if it doesn't show in a particular piece. The forest rejuvenates me. I look at everything as if I was looking at it from some magical woods (through an Emerald Window!). I like to fantasize that I live in a hollow tree that magically expands to house proportions as I walk through the rustic door. I should have been a sylph.
Here are some pictures that capture a little of the magic I feel when I am deep in the green.

These pictures were taken at Silver Falls near Silverton, Oregon. This week-end my sweety and I are planning a picnic and picture-takng trip up to Belknap Hotsprings, where I worked, oh so long ago.
I feel some creativity coming on.


  1. Fantastic... I love unfurling ferns and mossy verdancey (if that's a word!)

  2. Verdancey sounds wonderful to me!

  3. I love the woods as well although the woods in Kansas aren't quite as majestic as these. (Yes, we do have wooded areas! lol) Had the pleasure of visiting Oregon once. Would move there in a heartbeat - somewhere close to both the forests and the ocean.


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