Friday, May 25, 2012

Release the Kracken!

I'm still working on Barrettes. But now I'm making another kind to suit the discriminating tastes of long hair everywhere.
I made my last batch of barrettes using a base that looked like this:
But many would-be customers complained that they wouldn't stay in their hair and asked if I had any of the other types of barrettes. So off I went to the hair supply store to buy differant barrettes. And this is what I found:

I was hoping that they would have differant names, so I could distinguish them, but the word "barrette" didn't even appear on either package. One simply said "Effortless Beauty" and the other was labeled, "No - Slip Grip".
So my "No - Slip Grip" Barrettes are pictured below and my "Effortless Beauty" Barrettes may be seen on the prior blog post.

I call this an octopus, but my son said it looked like the Kracken from "Last of the Titans".

This is one of my favorite colors of green and I wish I had long hair so I could keep it.  I'm working on a blue barrette now. Hoping to have it ready for Saturday Market tomorrow.


  1. gorgeous..
    love the kracken..funny

  2. All the barrettes are just beautiful. The octopus is fabulous, how unusual is that!


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