Thursday, May 24, 2012


In my pursuit of beady goodness, I have decided to make barrettes!

I thought of this when several customers asked if my Winged Hearts were pins or barrettes. And some seemed disappointed that they were pins.

So I whipped up six or so and shuffled them off to Market where I sold one immediately.

Most were Winged Hearts, but not all, as you can see from this sweet little purple item.

I used to have very long hair, but never really wore barrettes, so you can imagine my perplexion when one lady said, "Oh, those aren't the type of barrettes I use". I hadn't paid close enough attention to the differant types in the store, so I asked her what type she used and off I went to the hair care supplier to buy some differant types of barrettes. So now I am beading away again and by Market this week-end, will have barrettes of several differant ilks for the discriminating customer. 


  1. Those with the winged hearts are perfect for barrettes! And I really love the one with celtic knot!

  2. these are i'm curious..what different types of barrettes are there?

  3. Nan, There are flat barrettes, and then there are ones that hold much more hair. I'll post pictures soon.


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