Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Magic in Our Methods

I was reading a letter from a fellow artist a while ago and she was expressing the emotions she puts into her beadwork. She said that each piece holds feelings of peace and inspiration. Yeah! I get that. Sometimes I get so involved in beading that it's almost trance-like. I feel very peaceful and joyful. The endorphins have kicked in. I am in my Zen.
So do those feelings transfer to the new owner of the piece when it is sold? I think so. I have had pieces that I have bought from other artists and some have wonderful feelings attached, some are gloomy, and some make me agitated. Is this what the makers were feeling when they made them? If so, should I be charging extra for the calming vibes of my beadwork? Of course not. But it is nice to know that I am sharing some calm and peace with my customers, whether they are tuned into it or not.
So how about you? Do you have a certain emotion that sets in when you do your art? Or is it different with each piece. Is a disturbing painting disturbing because of it's visual value, or because the painter was filled with angst as he painted it? I'd love to hear from you about your thoughts on this. Do you get "vibes" from art? And do you think it's from your relationship with the piece or the maker's? Or both?
So sorry again for my tardiness in picking a winner for the Give-Away. June's Give-Away recipient is..... LOIS MOON! Send me your mailing address, Lois, and I will get your brooch in the mail to you pronto.
Since my summer is a bit hectic and I haven't had as much time to blog as I'd like. I am going to take a bit of a break. I'll still write a little something now and then, but I'm curtailing the Give-Aways until the beginning of the Fall/Winter season. But I'll make it up by making my first return Give-Away a doozy. Stay tuned.


  1. Have a lovely relaxing break Cenya, we'll still be here when you return. Blessings from Avalon xx

  2. come back rested and energised Cenya, bright blessings to you

    Leanne x

  3. I frequently listen to music when I'm writing or crafting. If I'm crafting, the music is usually some with lyrics, but if I'm writing the music is instrumental, because I can't listen to the lyrics and concentrate on the words I want to use!

  4. Yes! I love this post. Most of the time the pieces I work on make me very excited. Even the bead pallet I am using will get me so excited to start the work. Occasionally on a more subdued piece I will feel very calm and relaxed as I work but always a warm glowing happy feeling.


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