Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I am Bad, Bad, Bad!

Oh I am a bad girl! I have lots of excuses, but I really should have updated this blog LONG ago. So sorry. Here it is almost the end of June and I just picked the winner of May's Give-away. And she is...
ROBERTA WARSHAW from Roberta Warshaw Artisan Jewelry. My apologies, Roberta for this late delivery. Please send me your mailing address and I'll get your brooch sent pronto!
So what has been keeping me from my keyboard? Well, you probably read about my mom's death. And then there was the funeral (I arranged all of the flowers including a huge casket piece of lilies). And I have been spending more time with my Dad to help him transition into living alone. And I trapped (humanely) 3 little feral kittens at his house so he doesn't have to deal with an eventual cat population explosion.  Afore mentioned kittens are now living temporarily in my bathroom as I play "Kitten Whisperer" and get them tamed down so they can be adopted out. I have myriad scratches and gouges and two pretty nasty bites, but I'm making headway. They will let me pet them now, but only one has condescended to be picked up without a fight. I have to give major kudos to my poor husband who REALLY didn't want feral kittens living in the bathroom (again!), but who has patiently let me have my way because I'm a cat woman.
I have also started selling at our local Saturday Market - A fabulously creative and magical market here in Eugene. I sell my beaded brooches and my sugar skulls and some charms I made and some beaded hairpins. I have made some wonderful friends, especially my boothmate, Cheri, who has taken me under her wing and helped me get started in the market. Cheri makes irresistable earrings out of recycled bottles. Her business is called "Boozy Baubles" and you can buy "Beer Baubles", "Wine Baubles" or "Liquor Baubles" as well as her totally awesome "Cola Baubles".  Check out her entire Etsy Shop here.
I've been beading every chance I get. I'm going to my Beading Circle again which has many great beady friends to connect with. And I've made friends with some beaders at the Saturday Market and have traded for some wonderful pieces.
So - all in all- I feel like I am getting back to my comfortable life and promise to keep up on this blog!
I will leave you with a picture of June's Give-away.  Just follow this blog and leave a comment to earn a chance to win!
Up for grabs!


  1. I'm already following. I'd love to win this cute brooch. Good luck with the kitties.

  2. Thank you again! I sent you my address via e-mail today. Let me know if you didn't get it!

  3. It's great to see you back! I'm sure the time away was hard, but well spent. :) Luvs from a beading friend.

  4. Lovely to have you back.
    You have been understandably busy with family. Hope Dad is coping, bless him.
    How kind you are to take on the wild kittens and Mr Window must be just as kind.
    Your booth sound slike such fun. Nothing like being with like-minded people.

  5. I like being your "new" friend as you are a bright spot in my day. Thanks for the great signs and the lovely mention of Boozy Baubles!!
    Looking forward to more of the kitten saga and how we do at next Saturday Market. Summer here we come!!

  6. hello EM! nice to see you back. Ive thought of you a few times and wondered how you, and your dad were getting on.

    I competely understand the bathroom of kittens, for I am a cat lady too! :-)

    well done on the stall, I wish you every success with your lovely creations!

    Leanne x

  7. I've never taken on any "truly" feral kittens, although two of my kitties I adopted as young kittens from a adoptathon- our local no-kill shelters hold them periodically at Petsmart. However,when my kittens got a little too feisty or bitey, I mewed like a kitten in distress "ew-ew-ew" in a very high pitched voice. That almost always made them back off and calm down. Bless you for taking the kittens on.

  8. welcome home. you have been missed but in thoughts and prayers during this sad time. no better tonic than 3 kittens to give and later receive love. please enter me in the giveaway.

  9. It's nice to have you back, although we definitely understand your absence. Sorry again about your mother, my heart goes out to you and your father. It's sweet of you to take care of those kittens. You have a great heart with room in it for those three unwanted kittens; they will come around, hopefully soon. I hope, too, that someone will come around who will want them and will give them the love that you planted the seed for. Kudos to your husband and bless you both for your patience. :)

  10. Your absence is completely understandable given the full plate you've had. Hope those 'wild childs' are coming around for you.

    Glad to see you back showing your lovely creations. :}

    Candys S. McCulley
    weewanona AT sbcglobal DOT net


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