Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mini Skulls and Snuggly Parking Meters

Decided to make some Sugar Skulls in tiny size 15 seed beads. I really like them more than the big ones and they seem to be popular. Here's a couple of them. They are only 1.5 iches.

You can get them (and bigger ones in size 11 beads) at my Etsy shop here.

I also saw something that I thought was very creative - not a stretch for a crazy great town like Eugene - Sweaters for the Parking Meters!

In other issues - my mom is on a steroid now and is breathing much better and has lots of energy. My sister is on her way back to South Africa after a 3 week visit here. The sun is shining and I'm on my way outside to plant some violets that I brought back from my parent's house. Hope you are all enjoying spring.


  1. Oh my, so tiny! They must be adorable in person, even if it is a skull! ;) Glad your mom is feeling better. I mentioned your blog on mine, and the gorgeous brooch you sent me. Received it yesterday and I love it! Thanks so very much. :)

  2. There were some in a shop window here in toen, I wondered what the tradition is behind them?


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