Sunday, April 17, 2011

Arachne and the Squirrel

We have a lot of wildlife around our house and I delight in hanging feeders and birdhouses in the trees. But the squirrels have a habit of taking them over. So I hung some feeders outside my studio windows, thinking that they would be unreachable by the squirrels.
Arachne has a great time sitting in her bed and watching the birds.

But this morning, the clever little squirrel was sitting atop the air conditioner and made his way on the window sill to the feeder.

The squirrel never made it onto the feeder. I think he was a bit intimidated by Arachne staring at him through the glass. My Sweety went out and put some peanuts in the tree feeder for the squirrel, so hopefully he'll leave this feeder alone.


  1. Lol ~ what a great photo! Those squirrels are persistent, but wonderful entertainment for your cat! :)

  2. Squirrels are amazing little beasties. I love their "stop-action" movements.

  3. OMG my dogs would be going frantic LOL

  4. I love that the birds will happily flock to the feeder while a cat looks on but the squirrel has second thoughts upon seeing the cat. Too cute!

  5. HA! We had cats when I was growing up and they were such fun to watch whenever a squirrel or bird was at the feeder! Thanks for the memories :)

  6. How bold is that squirrel! Ours wouldn't come that close to the house (though the dogs would be horrified if they did)


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