Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Winged Aquaterra And Beaded Pendents

I have fallen in love with a stone I found at my favorite bead shop. It's called Aquaterra and I think it is STUNNING. Here I made a brooch from a small aquaterra bead and some verdi gris wings.

Here's a larger bead that I set with matte black beads and celedon opalescent beads.
I have a fair this week-end that I'm taking them to. If they don't sell there, they will be in my Etsy shop later next week. If they do sell, I'll be making more, so keep checking back.

This pendent is made for anyone who wants to create the necklace part themselves. I don't care for stringing and don't feel it's really my forte. I have a repeat customer, Arlene, that is a beader herself, but doesn't do this type of  bead embroidery. We did some trading a while back (She's the lovely lady who made the beaded hippocampus). She has since ordered a couple of custom beaded pendents that she can create the necklace part for by herself. I love this arrangenment since I am not crazy about stringing. So I have decided to create a few pendents to put in my Etsy shop for other beaders who are more into stringing than bead embroidery. Which leads me to a question - How many of you purchase (or trade) beaded embellishments or other beaded items from differant beaders to use in your own projects? I have seen some fabulous pieces that I would love to work into my own designs.
If you make something from a piece you bought from another artist, could you resell it as your own since you "finished" it? Or would you have to sell it as a co-created piece? And would you be able to sell it on Etsy, where each piece is supposed to be created by the seller?


  1. Great idea Cenya. I have never "co-created" other than with maybe a handmade cab or a lampworked bead but I might someday. I enjoy all aspects of beading however, I usually bead the neckstrap as well as bead the pendant. Once in a while I will string something. If I know the name of the person who made the cab or bead I always give credit. I think it is good for both parties.

  2. What a great question Cenya. I made a necklace by beading a piece of handpainted lace from another Etsy seller. I credited her work in my listing and linked to her shop, but since I purchased the "raw material" and altered it substantially, I didn't feel she needed to participate in the sale. I collaborated with a lampwork artist who gave me pieces of glass to use in a joint piece, and we are both listed as artists for that piece, since I didn't buy the glass. If I had purchased her glass, I would not feel the need to do more than credit her work. I have no idea how PC any of my decisions are. OH! And I am a big fan of aquaterra jasper as well. Your work with it is lovely!

  3. Beautiful work Cenya :D
    Good question, if something has been part made by another artist, I guess you would need to credit them at least. Might be safer to ask them to make you some "samples" that you could then go on to personalise.

  4. I have never purchased a piece of beadweaving to integrate with my own work and i do not think I would do it except as a special order.
    What i have done is repair and change other beadweaver's beadwoven pieces that were brought to me by a customer and this as a specific request from the customer and for that customer. These were pieces the customer had purchased previously and wanted modified.

  5. Do any of you think there would be a market for beaded pendants to people who want to finish them and keep them for themselves?

  6. Cenya,
    Whenever I have incorporated another's work into my own (not a supply, but a stand alone product), like Jill's monkey button, I asked first and gave credit. I do believe there is a market for beaded pendants both for those who want to make their own straps and those who want to spend a little less.

    I love your pendant, it's gorgeous.

  7. I have used lampworked beads and faceted and cabbed beads and stones that other folks created in my work, but I have not ever collaborated or bought another artist's bead weaving to use in my work. I would love to collaborate with a silver or gold worker though, as I have designs in mind with precious metals involved. This would be a collaboration. I don't know if such is against Etsy's rules or not.

    Patricia C Vener

  8. The aquaterra stone is so beautiful. Love the winged pendant.

    I personally like to all the work myself in my creations. I'm not the collaborator type- I'm much to fussy!

  9. I have used other artist's work in my creations, but they do things I don't do...like a wire-wrapped cabochon or a hand carved axis horn maiden... You can see the wire-wrap cab that I made into a necklace in my etsy shop (Tapdancer556011), and what I did with the axis horn maiden at Ninth Dimension Creations on FaceBook. The axis horn maiden is on permanent display at an art gallery here in Fort Worth.

    YES, I credit anyone who has contributed anything to one of my pieces. The axis horn, for example, was modified by the carver at my request, so that I could use it in my piece called "Lily."

    Chris :D (aka Nina & Tapdancer556011)

  10. Holy smokes those aquaterra pieces are AMAZING!

  11. You certainly find and make some beautiful brooches. The aquaterra is lovely.


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