Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mama and Babies in the Garden

If you are afraid of snakes, turn the page! I found this mama snake and her 5 babies in the garden today (one of the babies was shy and wouldn't come out from under the bush). The babies were VERY inquisitive and not a bit afraid of me as I took their picture.
The babies clustered around their mother's head, like maybe she was communicating, or giving them a nuzzle.

This little guy poked his head out to see what I was up to, and then ducked back into the bush.
I think most people are afraid of snakes because they get startled by them in the garden. But they are very beneficial, eating hundreds of insects and if they are bigger, (like Mama here) they eat small rodents as well.
Give snakes a break!


  1. FANTASTIC day in the garden. I personally love snakes. They are natures wonder.
    Thanks for sharing these photos

  2. I appreciate snakes and find their scales so beautiful (I even use their skin in my jewelry). But I really don't want one in the house!

  3. cenyathey are beautiful- what a privilege for you to have them so close! I wish them all happy safe lives.

    leanne x

  4. I am scared of them also have been, but the last little guy is cute, what kinda are they?

  5. AWW!!!! Garter Snakes!!! We used to catch them in the summer in our backyard and keep them for a week or so getting them really fat on loads of slugs and beetles that we'd find, I had one with rust red stripes and a tail with kinks in it from where it had been previously broken that kept coming back when I released him, it was crazy, he'd sit outside the front door, then when we opened it he'd slither inside and straight back to his cage so after a few times of him doing this, we just let him stay. We never put the lid on the cage either guess he was happier in there oddly!

  6. Such beautiful snakes. The baby is so fresh and new, his scales are like jewels, hey?

  7. What great photos -- thanks for sharing!

    -- Birgit


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