Saturday, May 22, 2010

Websites, Beads and Belly Dancers

Many of you may know that for years I have been a horticulturist, designing large scale gardens for resorts and wedding venues. But after a skirmish with breast cancer, my sails seemed to shift of their own accord and I started losing interest in the garden - something I thought I would NEVER do. I was very passionate about plants. I still love looking at them, I just don't have the energy to grow them anymore.

So I've been moving on to other things such as:

Beadwork - I love beading. It was my thereapy while I was going through chemo. I started my "Beading for Buddies" program believing that it would take my mind off my cancer, give me something to do while I was sitting for hours hooked up to a poison drip, and give me something to give to all the friends, neighbors and strangers who reached out to help me and my family while I was feeling so rotten. I ended up giving away over 125 beaded brooches and finding a new passion. I bead every day now and sell some of my wares and still give a good many away.

Photography -I love taking pictures and remember my first crappy little instamatic camera I had as a child. It took fuzzy pictures (probaly because I was a figgity child and never stood still). it also cost a fortune (comparitively to a child's allowance) to get the pictures developed. 
 Now I have a fab Canon DSLR that Sweety bought me.

I recently took pictures of Shalyhn, a belly dancer extraordinaire and then played with the pictures on Photo Shop. Here's what I ended up with. Fun.

Shalyhn is my son's girlfriend and I love taking pictures of her in her costumes.
Another new interest is Website Designing. I don't know a lot about this just yet, but I'm taking lessons and I hope this will be my new "Day Job" when I go back out into the work force. Until then, I'll continue to play with my beads and take pictures and putter on the computer.
What are YOU interested in?


  1. Beautiful pictures...
    I can't imagine what it must be like to go through cancer treatment, but to live a creative life must seem all the more necessary and compelling at such a time...
    I hope all is well with you now...

  2. Just wanted to come over and say Hellooooo..thanks for coming over and visiting my blog! Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, hopefully you are on the road to recovery and feeling better each day. What a terrible fright! Your bead work sounds like a wonderful outlet. I like to bring cross stitch with me just about every where I go, because it seems there are always times having something to do comes in handy. I also love belly dancing( I can't do it) but love watching it! Wonderful photos...thanks for sharing!

    Warmly, Nancy

  3. Hi Carrie and Nancy,
    I am cancer free now and living large. The cancer taught me some very important life lessons, so I'm better now than I was before.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Love this post! It's amazing how events in our lives change us. I've always wanted to have a nice yard but I have a bad back so I haven't been able to do anything with it. My husband is just fine with grass:( I have a friend who is a belly dance and is always trying toget me to learn and the exercise would do me good but I'm not putting on one of those costumes for anyone!. I have too many interests so I don't feel I'm very good at any one thing. Need to narrow it down, decisions, decisions. Hope the web thing turns out! That would be challenging and fun.

  5. Hi Cenya,
    This is such a lovely post. What a brave woman you are. I'm so pleased to hear you have recovered from Cancer and that beading helped you in some ways with the healing process.
    Your photos are very beautiful and your new necklace is stunning!
    I use to belly dance with my friend at her classes. It is wonderful...
    I especially like Tribal Fusion. The costumes are like gypsy fashions. Your son's girlfriend looks striking and lovely.
    Good to see you again.

  6. Hi! I tried to email you today about what I want to learn about pain and I couldn't get my email to go through :( Could you email me so that I have your address and use a different email program. I don't think your server liked the one I was using.


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