Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Goodbye and Hello

 Day of The Dead Shrine  - my first project in my reclaimed Studio.

It has been a while since I have posted anything on this blog. I seem to have outgrown it. I started this blog originally to help promote selling my beadwork on Etsy and to keep in touch with other beady types. But I have grown a bit and I'm flexing my wings differantly, so it is time to start a new blog. It is called Cenya 600 and in it I will be discussing inspirationsl bits about lots of differant types of artisan crafting and art. I still make and sell beadwork, but I sell much more at our local Saturday Market than I ever did on Etsy. I have made many friends in the art world and it has helped me to move into new territory which I find very stimulating. In addition, I have finished painting the studio and have moved all of my art supplies back in there (except for my beading, which stays in the beadroom inside the house). So I now have a very inspirational place to create all types of art.
I think you will like the expanded interests - not just beading anymore - and I invite you all to come follow me there. This will be my last post on Emerald Window. It has been a wonderful ride with all of you and I hope it continues on Cenya 600.



  1. How exciting! I am looking forward to seeing what else you have been working on.

  2. good luck Cenya with the new blog/venture! I still have-and treasure- the brooch I won in your giveaway a while ago now.( celtic design) Ive changed blog address since then, Its no longer DorsetDays

    Leanne x

  3. Glad you are doing well and happy working Cenya! Nice to hear from you!


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