Thursday, March 3, 2011

Raku, Crystals and Seed Beads

I gave myself permission this week to postpone all housekeeping and errands so I can get some beadwork done to restock my Etsy shop. I had just bought some wonderful raku pieces and was itching to bead them. So here are some of the new pieces.

This raku Geranium Leaf was made by Star Spirit Studio (on Etsy). I love her work.
I wrapped it in copper and blue beads and hung a copper heart from a blue Swaovski crystal in the center to give it a little movement.

This is one of my "Eleventh Hour" brooches. A bit Steampunk, and a bit dazzle. 

This one is called "Spirit Tree". The photo doesn't show it to it's true potential (my bad).

This one reminds me of a glitzy Flying Saucer. Ha!

Lovely raku Sea Turtle with beads of Russet, Bronze and Ivory.

I started this brooch months ago, but just finished it yesterday. 

Sun Disk and Acorns is another favorite. I love working with metallic beads.

This brooch is made of antique jewelry and watch parts. Bronzes and Golds.

All of these brooches are now in my Etsy Shop.


  1. They are all so pretty and unusual. I like the idea of reusing the faces of old watches.

  2. They're all beautiful and so different. I'm glad you played hookie for beading.

  3. Beautiful stuff. :) I'm loving the "Eleventh Hour" and other clock ones; that was such a beautiful book! Your intricate designs do it justice. :)

  4. I think your beadwork is very beautiful and the clock faces look very effective : )

  5. So lovely brooches! I adore them.:)

  6. So lovely brooches! I adore them:)


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