Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Winner...

Congratulations to Gaby Bee for winning December's Give-Away, The Dragonfly Brooch, above. Gaby is the author of the blog, Colorful Adventures and a new friend from Germany. The brooch is winging it's way to her now and a new Give-Away is up for grabs for January.

I'm a cat lover (I have 9 of them!) and I fell in love with Nan Emmett's cat cab from her Etsy Shop, Spirited Earth. So here is a kitty I'd like to share with some lucky cat lover. The brooch is medium-large sized, perfect for a coat, shawl or handbag or pinned to hold back a light curtain.
All you have to do is add your name to my follower's list in the sidebar and leave a comment anytime in the month of January.
And as a gentle reminder for all my friends in the north, please remember to give any outdoor cats (even the wild, feral ones) thawed water and extra food during the freezing cold days and nights of winter. The animal gods will bless you.
I've been busy knitting and beading. I finished a necklace that was a collaborative piece between Nan and myself for our mutual friend, Jana in Kaui. Here it is below.

Jana is an outrageous artist herself. She sculpts beautiful forms in clay, with her inspirations coming from the nature around her. Here is a recent scupture she created.

You can see some of Jana's clay plaques at Banana Patch Studio,  here.


  1. I followed a link from Kath's Blog A Railway cottage.. you are a very talented lady and I love the dragonfly brooch. Gaby is going to love that..

  2. I'm signing up for the cat brooch giveaway, and you got, not one, but two plugs and a link out of the deal. How's that?

  3. I love the blue and jade necklace. Beautiful colours, as well as the little horse motif.

    Isn`t it lovely to think of your art being enjoyed and appreciated across the world?

    Jana`s dolphin wood carving is stunning too. We have a local pottery in the South of England, Poole Pottery, which began as an artist pottery but is now more commercialised. Their work often includes leaping dolphins as we have bottle nosed dolphins in the coastal waters around Dorset and Poole Harbour.

  4. Well, I just found you via the lucky winner of your lock and key brooch, which is so ingenious and beautiful.
    I am amazed by the talented people out there in Blogland, and was therefore incensed by some comments written by one of our leading serious journalists, with his profile of your average blogger. So incensed I am spreading his words on my blog!
    I would love to be artistic but now reaching 60 have finally accepted my limitations. I can write, am a published writer. I can knit and sew, patchwork and crochet, bake and garden and take good photographs when I am patient!
    Books and reading, writing too, fill my soul more than anything I think.
    Happy New Year

  5. BTW I love the cat face -- so sweet!

  6. Oh gaby Bee, you are a Lucky girl! I have sent my Blog visitors over to see your work, get the kettle on, Cenya!

  7. your pieces are gorgeous as amazes me to see what you create with my little beads..
    the horse piece for jana is lovely. xo

  8. Ooooh, that's a beautiful brooch, Cenya and I have a coat it would look lovely on! Happy New Year. xxx

  9. I have 12 inside "former feral" cats, plus about the same amount in outside feral kitties. Love this bead/pendent/brooch!

    I love Nan's beads and I do follow your blog!

  10. oh that cat brooch is so lovely Cenya, (but I would say that wouldnt i? :D )you are very clever, you know that!!

    Leanne x

  11. Such pretty brooches! The necklace is stunning!

  12. Your awesome brooch arrived today! I couldn’t be more thrilled! Thanks again Cenya, I’m so glad to have been chosen!

    Your cat brooch is enchanting! I am always in awe of your artwork and this is no exception!

    Enjoy the day my friend!

  13. Love your cat broach and now I am following you. You do beautiful work.

  14. I found you through Andrew Thornton's blog and am now a "follower" of you. I am a cat lover (I have 7), so I would love to win your beautiful Cat Brooch.
    Your work, in general, is fantastic.
    Thank you for the chance to win!!

  15. I love your work--it is so beautiful! I am now following you. I am a friend of Andrew's!

  16. Wow, that cat is wonderful. You do fantastic work.



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